Professional philosophy news

Teaching Intro using children’s books

Rory Kraft (York College) explains how here. And there’s a write-up in the York Dispatch here.

Early in our education in philosophy, many of us had explained to us that ‘philosophy’ derives from the Greek for ‘love of wisdom’. For many of us, that bit of trivia gets filed away for use in introductory classes, cocktail parties, and first dates. (I do not recommend the last use.) But when I work with young people encountering philosophy, they want to see what the point of it is. The same happens when working with undergraduates, schmoozing at parties, or attempting to woo. This is the great moment of challenge. Do we philosophers get up on our high horses and explain that we who love wisdom are searching for Truth, and will not be diverted by small-minded muddling malcontents who are not worthy of thinking the great thoughts? No. We need to remember what it means to love wisdom, and not just that philosophy is the love of wisdom.



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