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I Had An Affair With My Hero, A Philosopher Who’s Famous For Being ‘Moral’

I should’ve never met my hero. Because I found out that his modus operandi is to befriend pretty young women in various cities, young women who admire his work, young female scholars who, like me, he meets at conferences. I falsely assumed that the man who calls affluent westerners human rights violators would treat women with dignity. I was naïve to believe that he’d be different.

He will continue giving his lectures about justice around the world, pretending not to eat meat for moral reasons, inviting young women to his hotel room for philosophical discussions, and I’m just among the other young women scorned by the moral philosopher, who devotes his life to justice. There can be no moral condemnation. I brought this upon myself, and I deserve to live with the consequences of my free, voluntary action.



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