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Philosophers call for profession-wide code of conduct

Philosophers call for profession-wide code of conduct

[Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis)] added that in an ideal world, the American Association of University Professors’ code of ethics would be enough for philosophy. But other disciplines have specific documents that outline, in detail, what’s appropriate or inappropriate within the profession.

“A code of ethics is not only what you don’t accept, it says what you aspire to,” Stump said. “It also helps to say, ‘As a profession, we find these kinds of things unacceptable.’ That detail covers many cases which you wish we wouldn’t have to think about, but obviously we do.”

Amy Ferrer, executive director of the American Philosophical Association, said the association’s officers will discuss the idea of creating a code of conduct at one of its next three meetings.

The association has talked about producing a code of ethics in the past, Ferrer said, adding that the group always welcomes suggestions and recommendations from its members.

“It’s true of any profession that setting community expectations allows the profession to function better,” she said.



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