Professional philosophy news

The Unwritten Rules of the Game

40+ comments on the unwritten rules of philosophy over at Feminist Philosophers. Examples include:

  • It is not acceptable to change your comments in any nontrivial way after you have given them to the author. If it is unclear whether a change that you’re thinking of making is trivial, count it as nontrivial.
  • It’s perfectly normal to base your course on someone else’s syllabus, and doesn’t count as plagiarism.
  • It is OK to send your book proposal to multiple publishers, but not OK to send your full manuscript to several publishers (assuming more than one publisher reacted favorably to the proposal).
  • Although some journals promise referee reports in as little as 8 weeks, you need to wait at least 4 months, and probably more something like 6 months to send a gentle inquiry to the editor to ask them about a decision on your manuscript.


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