Professional philosophy news

Philosopher’s Carnival

Is up at “In Search of Logic”. It features:

  • “Two Metaphysical Pictures”, by Richard Yetter Chappell of Philosophy et cetera
  • “Special relativity and the A-theory”, at Alexander Pruss’s Blog
  • “A Question About Religious Experience and Safety Accounts of Knowledge”, by ex-apologist
  • “Metaphysical Skepticism a la Kriegel”, by Eric Schwitzgebel of The Splintered Mind
  • A pair of posts by Jeffrey Ketland of M-Phi discuss the Quine-Putnam Indispensability Argument: “The Quine-Putnam Indispensability Argument” and “Other Formulations of the Quine-Putnam Indispensability Argument”
  • “Grim Reapers vs. Uncaused Beginnings”, by Joshua Rasmussen of Prosblogion
  • “A Modification to Lewis’s Theory of Counterfactuals”, by Tristan Haze of Sprachlogik
  • “Computational Metaphysics”, by Tomkow
  • “Substitution and Models, Part 1: Bolzano, Quine, Tarski and Boolos”, by Jason of Metaphysical Values


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