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Annette Baier has passed away

From her Otago webpage:

Annette Baier was taught at Otago by D.D. Raphael, Denis Grey, and John Passmore. She went on to Oxford, where she wrote a thesis on “Precision in Poetry” that was supervised by J.L. Austin. She taught at the universities of Aberdeen, Auckland, Sydney, Carnegie Mellon, and Pittsburgh, before retiring to Dunedin.

Annette’s first publication was an encyclopedia entry on “Nonsense”. She has similar entries on “Passion”, “La Confiance” (trust), and the philosophy of Hume. She has published books on the philosophy of mind, ethics, and the views of David Hume.

In 1991 Annette gave the Tanner Lectures at Princeton, on”Trust”, and in 1996 was the first woman to give the Paul Carus Lectures.

Several of the doctoral students whose dissertations she directed at Pittsburgh wrote on Descartes, and she is currently developing a re-reading of his Meditations for future publication.

Annette’s ‘retirement’ has produced three books: two on Hume and one on ethics. When things go badly her cats keep her cheerful. Her senior cat is Shy Blackie.

H/T: Feminist Philosophers.

Update: in the comments, a reader points to this remembrance by Lynne Tirrell (UMass-Boston).


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