Professional philosophy news

Editors on editing

The audio is available from a conference on philosophy journal editing. The speakers are

  • Thomas Baldwin (Mind)
  • Akeel Bilgrami (Journal of Philosophy)
  • Matti Eklund (Philosophical Review)
  • Luciano Floridi (Philosophy & Technology)
  • Steven French & Michela Massimi (BJPS)
  • Vincent F Hendricks (Synthese)
  • Tim Mulgan (Philosophical Quarterly)
  • Robert Stern (European Journal of Philosophy).

There is also a panel discussion with David Bourget (, Thom Brooks (Assoc. of Philosophy Journal Editors and Journal of Moral Philosophy), Liam Cooper (Wiley-Blackwell), Hilary Gaskin (Philosophy editor, CUP), and Peter Momtchiloff (Philosophy editor, OUP).

H/T: Philosopher’s Cocoon



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