Professional philosophy news

Interview with Jerry Fodor

Fodor (Rutgers) is interviewed at 3AM on the language of thought, consciousness, and Darwinism.

JF: I wasn’t surprised that the biologists missed the point; for better or worse, evolutionary biology is now a largely statistical science, so it’s practitioners generally don’t think much about the explanatory adequacy of other kinds of empirical theories. But that the philosophers missed the point too struck me as really shocking; contemplating issues about explanatory adequacy is a lot of what they’re supposed to do for a living. It should be kept in mind, however, both in biology and in the philosophy of biology, a lot of careers, a lot of careers are built on firm adherence to (Neo-) Darwinism. So it’s hardly surprising that serious criticism of The Theory of Natural Selection (as distinct from the Creationist kind) provokes spasms. God save us from true believers on either side.



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