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Remembering J.J.C. “Jack” Smart

Monash has a tribute page with remembrances by John Bigelow and Graham Oppy (both of Monash), and the AAP has a page where you can post a remembrance of Jack Smart. There are currently nine entries, one of which is the following announcement by Monash:

The Philosophy Department of Monash University welcomes you to a celebration of the life of our friend Jack Smart. A memorial service will take place in the (not-too-religious) Religious Centre at the Monash Clayton campus on Tuesday the 30th of October at 3.00. The service will be followed by a social occasion at the Monash Staff Club where Jack and the other ‘knights of the round table’ regularly convened for lunch.
This event is being organised by John Bigelow ( and inquires should go to him.
Oct 31: There’s also an obituary in the Guardian.

2 responses to “Remembering J.J.C. “Jack” Smart

  1. Anonymous October 28, 2013 at 7:00 am

    28 Oct 2013 5:43 PM | Purushottama Bilimoria, Editor-in-Chief-At-Large
    J J C Smart – Remembering Jack (M. Chadha, P Bilimoria, J. Bigelow).
    A tribute to Jack Smart has been published in Sophia.
    Here is the link; it is downloadable for free.


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