Professional philosophy news

New College of the Humanities hires Christopher Peacocke of Columbia

Peacocke (philosophy of mind, epistemology) will remain at Columbia, and will continue to teach in the summer at University College London. ProPhi has emailed Peacocke with a request for more details.

New College of the Humanities is a private, for-profit college in England, headed by philosopher A.C. Grayling (epistemology, metaphysics, philosophical logic). Other faculty include Simon Blackburn of UNC (ethics), Daniel Dennett of Tufts (philosophy of mind and philosophy of science), Ken Gemes of Birkbeck (Nietzsche), Rebecca Goldstein (philosophy of mind, philosophy of science), Naomi Goulder of Bristol (philosophy of action and ethics), Nicholas Humphrey (psychology, Cambridge), Simon May of KCL (ethics, emotions), David Mitchell of Aga Khan University (epistemology and ethics), and Steven Pinker (psychology, Harvard).

The Guardian has a story on the college, which apparently has filled only a third of its slots and is expected to run at a loss its first year.

Update: Inside Higher Ed also has a story.



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