Professional philosophy news

Evolutionary theory is not in crisis

ScienceBlogs and Science2.0 assure us. This is in response to John Dupre‘s (Exeter) new paper “Evolutionary Theory’s Welcome Crisis“. The critics seem to have more problems with the title than with the content. ScienceBlogs says, “The substance of his essay, minus the absurdly hyperbolic language, seems fine to me”, and “It’s a scientifically interesting commentary buried under a cover of silly, unhelpful sensationalism.” Science2.0 agrees with ScienceBlogs’ verdict, but proclaims a general appreciation for philosophers of science — at least, more than for philosophers.

Now, we need more philosophers of science as much as we need fewer philosophers.  Unlike their kooky humanities counterparts, legitimate philosophers of science get both the context of science and its bigger meaning. While being a philosopher is easy, because it’s all made-up nonsense these days, a philosopher of science needs to have a strong grounding in both.  Some of my favorite physics articles ever on Science 2.0 were written by a philosophy professor.



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