Professional philosophy news

Bioethicists are “thieves of virtue”

argues this piece in the Huffington Post.

The foundation myth of bioethics, the “demi-discipline’s” self-professed raison d’etre is at best inadequate if not demonstrably false. Its grounding lies not, as bioethicists insist, in a robust ethic of care necessitated by new science and a failed Hippocratic sense of duty and care. Instead its origins and purpose demonstrably rest upon its service to the neoliberal, postmodernist economics that made health a commodity rather than a service.

We have faced periods like this before, notably in the 1920s and 1930s. What is new is the sheen of philosophical respectability given by bioethicists seeking tenure in university and a place at the policy maker’s table. To attain those goals they have become, in essence, risk managers rather than medical advocates or professionals. They are become like the old lags in the prison who mop the floors and say life is fine and prison grand because everything is so… tidy.



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