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3 Quarks Daily Blogging Prize in Philosophy

For the fourth consecutive year, 3 Quarks Daily is awarding $1,000 cash for the best philosophy blog post of the year, $300 to the second best, and $200 to the third best. You can see the list of nominees (with links) here, and cast a vote for your favorite.

There will be a round of voting by our readers which will narrow down the entries to the top twenty semi-finalists. After this, we will take these top twenty voted-for nominees, and the four main editors of 3 Quarks Daily (Abbas Raza, Robin Varghese, Morgan Meis, and Azra Raza) will select six finalists from these, plus they may also add up to three wildcard entries of their own choosing. The three winners will be chosen from these by Justin E. H. Smith (Concordia University of Montreal).



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