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Ongoing Allegations

A paper entitled “Telling the Same Story of Nietzsche’s Life” by Mark Anderson (Belmont) was published in The Journal of Nietzsche Studies. It is open access, and available here. It concerns Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography by Julian Young (Wake Forest). Specifically, it details how similar the book is to extant biographies of Nietzsche, especially Friedrich Nietzsche by Curtis Cate and Nietzsche: A Critical Life by Ronald Hayman. After considering a few parallels in the opening paragraphs, Anderson states:

Julian Young has either worked from sources other than or in addition to both the sources he has cited and those he has not cited but that I myself have consulted and reported, or else he has borrowed Cate’s words without acknowledgement. We shall have to bear this conclusion in mind while in the course of this essay considering the several other parallels between these two biographies.

Anderson goes on to give a dozen or so examples of parallels he considers suspicious.

Young replies here, Daniel Blue follows up, Young replies again, Anderson replies to both, and Blue responds to Young’s second response. (Blue originally reviewed the book for the JNS.)

The Chronicle has a story about this (subscribers only), and NewAPPS has posted about it (and again and again).



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