Professional philosophy news

Royal Society of Canada Election Results

are here. Two philosophers have been elected.

Mohan Matthen (Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Biology, Ancient Philosophy), Toronto:

Mohan Matthen has contributed importantly to three philosophical sub disciplines. He showed how Greek ontology was shaped by the syntax of the Greek verb “to be”, and how Greek cosmology treats the universe as a single substance. He pioneered the statistical interpretation of the neo-Darwinian Theory of Natural Selection and espoused a relational view of species. He has played a synthesizing role in perception by treating knowledge formation as a kind of action.

Robert Stainton (Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science), Western Ontario:

Robert Stainton’s research lies at the intersection of philosophy and linguistics. Trained in functional linguistics at Glendon College (BA, 1988) and in generative grammar at MIT (Ph.D., 1993), most recently he has contributed to team projects on the history of philosophy of language, and on impairments in linguistic pragmatics in Autism Spectrum Disorders. He is Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Western, and Director of its Graduate Program in Linguistics.



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