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Personnel Developments at UT-Austin

This past year UT-Austin has made five appointments, four of whom will begin this fall, department chair David Sosa (epistemology, ethics, metaphysics) has informed ProPhi. They are:

Strawson is a Professor and the holder of a newly created Chair, and Montague is an Associate Professor with tenure. Litland and Schoenfield are TT hires going into their first jobs, and Dunlop is a TT hire who held a previous TT appointment at Brown. Additionally, Texas has retained Josh Dever (philosophy of language and philosophical logic), who received a senior offer at St. Andrews, and Adam Pautz (philosophy of mind, metaphysics), who received a senior offer from Rutgers. Prior to this year Texas had two women out of 19 faculty members: Kathleen M. Higgins (continental, aesthetics) and Tara Smith (moral, political, and legal philosophy). This new round of hiring significantly increases the gender diversity of the UT faculty.

Sosa also notes:

  1. With Strawson and Montague we strengthen significantly in Philosophy of Mind, already one of our areas of greatest strength.
  2. Strawson gives us a real presence in free will again—a tradition with us, on pause since Kane‘s retirement—as well as serious coverage of early modern (especially Hume and Locke).
  3. With Dunlop, who though coming in as Assistant Professor comes to us with time in rank at Brown, we add strength in Kant, where, with Ian Proops, we already have a presence.
  4. Schoenfield worked with Roger White and Caspar Hare and—with Sinan Dogramaci and others already on our staff—she gives us a promising young team in epistemology. Litland worked with Goldfarb and Koellner and adds to what are our significant strengths in philosophical logic and related areas.

ProPhi welcomes updates from other departments, especially as prospective Ph.D. students begin deciding which departments to apply to.

Update: The Daily Texan has a story on the Strawson hire.


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