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Philosopher’s Annual 2011

Philosopher’s Annual is an attempt to pick the 10 best philosophy papers of the year. (Here is a post by Eric Schwitzgebel of UC – Riverside on the Annual, and here‘s one by Keith DeRose of Yale.) Patrick Grim (SUNY – Stony Brook) has informed ProPhilosophy that the papers from 2011 have been chosen by the editors, but it will take a few weeks to get them up on the webpage. (The other editors are Chloe Armstrong (Michigan, graduate student), Billy Dunaway (Michigan, graduate student), and Robin Zheng (Michigan, graduate student).)

The papers, with links to free versions of the papers (except for Katsafanas’s and Okasha’s), are:

Beebee, Helen (Manchester). “Necessary Connections and the Problem of Induction,” Noûs 45(3), 504-527.

Brown, Campbell (Edinburgh). “Consequentialize This,” Ethics 121(4), 749-771.

Horty, John F (Maryland). “Rules and Reasons in the Theory of Precedent,” Legal Theory 17, 1-33.

Katsafanas, Paul (Boston University). “The Concept of Unified Agency in Nietzsche, Plato, and Schiller,” Journal of the History of Philosophy 49(1), 87-113. (not a free paper.)

Liebesman, David (Boston University). “Simple Generics,”  Noûs 45(3), 409-442.

Myrvold, Wayne C (Western Ontario). “Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics: A Maxwellian View,” Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics Part B 42(4), 237-243.

Okasha, Samir. (Bristol). “Theory Choice and Social Choice: Kuhn vs. Arrow,” Mind 120(477), 83-115.

Schechter, Joshua (Brown). “Rational self-doubt and the failure of closure,” Philosophical Studies, forthcoming.

Schroeder, Mark (USC). “Ought, Agents, and Actions.” Philosophical Review 120, 1-41.

Turner, Jason (Leeds). “Ontological Nihilism,” in Oxford Studies in Metaphysics vol. 6, ed. Karen Bennett and Dean Zimmerman, Oxford University Press, 2-54.



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