Professional philosophy news

Philosophers on Film

A new series of interviews by the Northern Institute of Philosophy (Aberdeen).

Philosophers on Film is a series of brief video interviews with philosophers who visit NIP. The goal of the series is to help foster among the public a clearer idea of what pursuing Philosophy involves today and what its contemporary practitioners are like. Interviewees are asked five sets of questions:

  • How did you start studying philosophy? What drew you to philosophy?
  • What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
  • What is the least satisfying aspect of your job?
  • What are you currently working on?
  • Funding bodies and the UK government are currently encouraging disciplines in the humanities to explain how they can have a beneficial impact on society outside of academic circles. Do you agree with this approach? How can philosophy have a beneficial impact outside of academia?

To date, there are interviews of Paul Boghossian (NYU), Emma Borg (Reading), Al Casullo (Nebraska), Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins (British Columbia/Aberdeen), Ian Rumfitt (Birkbeck), and Timothy Williamson (Oxford).



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