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Tenure-Track Hiring Analysis: Stage Three Preview

From Carolyn Dicey-Jennings:

I have decided that the following analyses would be the most efficient and appropriate in years to come. I do not plan to assess particular programs or to use data on the rankings of particular programs because I think that there is insufficient data to make such analyses at this time.

Factors of Analysis:

  1. Publications
  2. Gender
  3. Category of Hiring Institution
  4. AOS


  • A. Compare the number of jobs reported in the APA bulletins to the collected data.
  • B. Report the total number of tenure-track versus postdoctoral positions.
  • C. Report the distribution of AOS’s represented among the hirees.
  • D. Report the means and medians for prior positions, gender, total peer-reviewed publications, and Brooks Blog top 15 publications.
  • E. Compare 1 with 2, 3, and 4 (Is there a difference in number of publications for hirees based on gender, SLAC vs. research school, or AOS?)
  • F. Compare 2 with 3 and 4 (Is there a difference in gender for hirees based on SLAC vs. research school or AOS?)
  • G. Compare 3 with 4 (Is there a difference in the AOS of the hiree for the different categories of hiring institutions?)

Are there other analyses that people would like to see or suggestions on how to run them?



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