Professional philosophy news

The state of postmodern philosophy of science

The Huffington Post has the opinion of two mathematicians here. In their view:

…such writers cannot possibly hope to have tangible impact in the scientific enterprise, since real scientific work is all about the details — experimental design, careful execution, analysis of results. And when leading figures in this community openly express their contempt for day-to-day scientific work, they are not building bridges that will lead to productive collaborations with real scientists in the future.

Maybe one day the tide will turn, opening the way for a more respectful dialogue between science and philosophy. As physicist Carlos Rovelli recently wrote, “I believe [we] can teach one another enormously.” Philosopher Tim Maudlin expressed similar views in his 2007 book The Metaphysics within Physics. In any event, the modern scientific method taking its full form after the Enlightenment has been astonishingly successful, as anyone who has ever been treated for a major once incurable disease can attest. While no knowledge may be certain, modern science comes remarkably close.



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