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Tenure-Track Hiring Analysis: Stage One

Dr. Carolyn Dicey Jennings (Antwerp) has begun organizing the placement data found on the ProPhilosophy tenure-track jobs and postdocs page. As of now, there are entries for roughly 40 50 programs. An organized and sorted version of that data, as well as Jennings’s method, can be found on this Google spreadsheet below. Jennings explains the spreadsheet:

The attached has three tabs. Tab 1 (“How-to Data”) gives instructions for replicating the data sorting methods I used. This might also be useful for interpreting the data set. Tab 2 (“Data 1”) shows the raw data (with text replacements) and the sorting columns. Tab 3 (“Data 2”) shows the data that I will use in the analysis (Important: I only copied values so if someone were to just copy and paste new information into “Data 1” it would not automatically copy over into “Data 2”). I think it is key if this is to be done year-to-year that people do not do it by hand. It would be a lot of work and would bring about more human error. It would be best, really, if there were a pre-programmed database that people used on the input side, but that can come later.

Emails have been sent to the department chairs of departments for which we do not yet have placement information. Readers from those departments are encouraged to post jobs they know of (or email them to, or to encourage department chairs and placement directors to post the jobs.

In one week, the first data-gathering stage will conclude. Stage two will involve gathering data on peer-reviewed publications and gender. It will be posted on Monday 18 June.

Update: This spreadsheet is up to date as of 2:08pm GMT on 7 June 2012.



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