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AJP’s 90th Anniversary Edition

In honor of the AJP’s 90th anniversary, 10 classic papers are being made available for free download. The papers are listed below. You can download the cover page with links to the papers here.

“Vagueness”, Bertrand Russell, (1:2)
“Psycho-analysis and Æsthetics”, J. A. Passmore, (14:2)
“Mathematics and the World”, D. A. T. Gasking, (18:2)
“Religious Discourse and Theological Discourse”, R. F. Holland (34:3)
“Definition by Internal Relation”, Judith Jarvis, (39:2)
“Holes”, David Lewis & Stephanie Lewis, (48:2)
“Guilt beyond Reasonable Doubt”, Barbara Davidson & Robert Pargetter, (65:2)
“John Cage’s 4’33”: Is it music?”, Stephen Davies, (75:4)
“Frege’s Judgement Stroke”, Nicholas J. J. Smith, (78:2)
“Waitangi Tales”, Robert E. Goodin, (78:3)




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