Professional philosophy news

Philosophy and the Markets

Michael Sandel (philosopher and professor of government at Harvard) gave a talk yesterday at the London School of Economics on his book, What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets. Mindful Money sent a reporter in hopes of answering the question, “Does the seemingly abstract realm of philosophy have anything relevant to say to the markets?” The article, which can be found here, also considers the views of EU convergence architect Bernard Lietaer. The article concludes:

Both Sandel and Lietaer have shown that the heart of financial discussion can be, and most often is, philosophical. Finance, investing, even currency are all man-made creations-and if their purpose has evolved, then discussion of this change is long overdue. In the spirit of Sandel, Mindful Money raises the debate: Are philosophical principles relevant to investors? Or are the two spheres mutually exclusive? What do you think?



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