Professional philosophy news

The Harvard Crimson issues a “Humean Challenge”

Inspired by Hume’s “Be a philosopher; but amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.” Article here. The gist of it:

Now that you have indulged your passion for academics, ask yourself who you are behind that Harvard diploma, and become reacquainted with your own personal humanity. Continue to learn, question, investigate, and provide answers. You should indulge in intellectual pursuits. But don’t forget about your humanity, and be an active participant in this human society. Do not let your studies interfere with the relationships you cherish; hold on to the people you love, and always put them first. Do not be afraid to sometimes think less and do more, to leave that comfortable intellectual bubble with which we have all become acquainted and simply do the good deeds the world needs most in these hard times. So yes, be a philosopher, but be, first, human.




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