Professional philosophy news

Online philosophy classes on the rise at UNC-Greensboro

The University of North Carolina-Greensboro has announced a significant increase in the number of philosophy courses to be offered online. One stated reason is to keep up with the on-line course offerings of other disciplines. Another is to allow students to take courses more easily over the summer. The courses being offered on-line are:

  •     Contemporary Moral Problems (PHI 121)
  •     Ethical Issues in Business (PHI 361)
  •     History of Modern Philosophy (PHI 252)
  •     Introduction to Formal Logic (PHI 310)
  •     Introduction to Philosophy (PHI 111)
  •     Medical Ethics (PHI 220)
  •     Philosophy of Religion (PHI 359)
  •     Practical Reasoning (PHI 115)
  •     Topics in Philosophy: Death and Dying (PHI 301)
  •     Philosophy of Religion (PHI 359)


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